Eagleview quilting

EagleView Quilting offers long-arm quilting services at reasonable prices.

EagleView Quilting is a family -owned business. We have been doing long-arm quilting for more than 5 years, using a Gammill quilting machine, with the Statler Stitcher package, making it a computer-controlled quilting machine.

We have quilted more than 1,300 quilts.
Dawn has been quilting for more than 30 years (and has some UFOs that are nearly that old). Paul is a more recent devotee of the art of quilting, starting at the end of 2017. Still, I’ve managed to make more than 150 quilts since then.
If you would like for us to quilt a quilt for you, shoot us an e-mail, with a picture of your quilt, any ideas you have for a pattern, thread colors, etc., and we’ll send you the shipping address (until we get a mail drop set up, then we’ll post the address here).