• Backs should be at least 3″ larger, on all sides, than the top
  • Backs should have straight sides. If your fabric store can’t cut a straight edge, you need to. If you’ve pieced the back, please make sure that you’ve squared it up.
  • Batting should be at least 2″ larger, on all sides, than the top, and should be reasonably square (rectangular, for you pedantics).
  • Embellishments should be added AFTER the quilt is quilted. Working around buttons, etc. is possible. but sometimes the machine has its own ideas about how to get from point A to point B, and it doesn’t know that your button or bell or ribbon is in the way.
  • Dimensional elements that need to be worked around will incur an additional charge (depends on how many of them there are), or will simply be quilted flat.
  • Please make your top as clean as possible. I have more than enough stray threads in the shop already. I don’t need yours, too.
  • I don’t need your cat’s or dog’s hair, either.
  • If you are a smoker, please wash your top and back before sending them to me. I am highly allergic to the smell.